By assessing your needs, operations and future plans we can identify the best set up for you. This will mean you can maximise the potential of what audio and video conferencing can offer you, at the point of introducing it within your business.

It is worth noting, that conferencing is very secure, with an encryption that is protected by individual security codes, ensuring that the meeting remains secure and uninterrupted.

A Microtrading audio and video conferencing solution offers

Significant savings

With a reduced demand for individuals to be gathered in a single location, audio and video conferencing allows you to save money in a number of areas.

  • No need to hire meeting rooms to accommodate all your staff
  • Spend less time travelling to and from customer sites and hold interactive conference calls instead
  • Save on expensive travel and accommodation expenses
Increased productivity

Seamless interaction between multiple users in any location offers a number of benefits.

  • Delegates can attend meetings not matter where they are, using different devices
  • Conferencing has become incredibly versatile and mobile. This has made collaborative work far easier, with a reduced demand on scheduling
  • Easier decision making for businesses. Video conferencing allows you to hold interactive meetings and share information so decisions can be made there and then
  • Join a conference call from anywhere in the world at anytime
Effective communication

Switching from phone calls, emails and messaging applications to audio and video conferencing increases the overall quality of communication.

  • Colleagues and clients can better get across ideas and meaning
  • Communication is made faster – taking less time out of the working day
  • High quality recording of conferences allows you to easily recap and clarify decisions