Services at a glance:

  • Proactive IT support and services by Microsoft Certified Technicians
  • Installation of new cloud based infrastructure
  • Cyber Essentials certification
  • Helpdesk, remote and on-site support

Bryt Energy

We provided this British energy company with comprehensive advice on IT compliance with the GDPR and helped it to become Cyber Essentials certified. Our Managed IT Services ensure the business’s IT and data are well-protected whilst allowing for the desired level of client control.

Bryt Energy is a British energy company, and a subsidiary of the Norwegian state energy company Statkraft, that operates in a business-to-business marketplace, selling energy to other companies. Bryt Energy is focused on the future of its industry – providing renewable energy and reducing the carbon emissions of its clients.

Bryt Energy wanted a single IT support partner and to become Cyber Essentials accredited. This relationship came about as the company was embarking on its preparations for the GDPR and wanting to become a Cyber Essentials certified business, as part of this process.

Project outline

Having liaised with Bryt Energy and collaborated on a review of its IT Infrastructure, Microtrading suggested a range of IT services that were subsequently adopted:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Device monitoring and patch management
  • Support and configuration of Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments
  • Infrastructure support
  • Anti-virus management
  • Firewall implementation and management
  • Proactive data loss prevention
  • Hardware supply and provision
  • Cyber Essentials
  • Office 365
  • Licensing procurement and management

The results

Bryt Energy are now a Cyber Essentials certified company, with systems and protocols in-line with the government-backed legislation for IT security. Microtrading continues to keep Bryt Energy’s IT security adherent to all Cyber Essentials criteria through a proactive, managed IT service.

Adrian Hobbins, Chief Technical Officer at Bryt Energy, said: “When we began working with Microtrading, Cyber Essentials was on the to-do list. We had Microtrading install new, cloud-based IT infrastructure prior to pursuing accreditation, which meant that we already had a robust system in place that ticked some of the necessary boxes.

“Going through the application process for Cyber Essentials with Microtrading, gave us a greater awareness of our IT systems and potential vulnerabilities. The network audits, which evaluated access to network and data were eye-opening and allowed us to identify potential ‘rogue devices’ and lockdown access that was not authorised.”

GDPR has changed the definition of what personal data is and, as such, personal data under the new definition has become a real concern for us.

Adrian continued: “Cyber Essentials stood us in good stead for our GDPR compliance. Preparation for GDPR is a very stressful process for us and many other companies. Microtrading has alleviated a lot of the inherent hassle and legwork for us.

“Whilst we have had to take care of an array of legal elements, and ensure we had a legitimate basis for capturing their data, Microtrading’s array of services have made the technical elements so much easier.

“Monitoring and policing our system has given us increased security of our systems and, indeed, the business. Monthly reviews have allowed us to analyse the browsing habits of our team whilst on our systems and continually customise internet access to protect the business.

“We’re also able to search all files and emails for key phrases and types of data – to ensure that no unauthorised and sharing of protected data goes on without our knowledge. We can share documents whilst maintaining complete control over a variety of aspects of the file, such as where it can be read, on what it can be read, or if it can be replicated.

“We’re actually able to now physically impose many of the restrictions we have previously outlined in policy, but have had no way of enforcing.’

“We work very closely with Microtrading, they have become an integral part of our team – effectively serving as our IT support department – and we treat them as such”

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