Services at a glance:

  • Instant recovery with cloud and local failover capabilities
  • World-class protection from data loss and malware infections
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Image based backups taken every hour

KWB Property Management

We enable these commercial property specialists to meet their obligations to protect their business-critical data, no matter where it lives. This is achieved by delivering both onsite and offsite failover capabilities along with quick and easy recovery.

KWB is an award winning independent firm of office property consultants in the Midlands. From an initial specialism in office sales and lettings, KWB has evolved to offer a unique body of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of commercial property. Providing such a broad range of services and staying on top of the fast moving commercial property market means KWB need an IT partner that is fast, efficient, and extremely supportive.

“As the leading independent office property consultants in the Midlands, we depend on our computer systems to operate. Microtrading have been looking after our IT systems since the 1990’s. During one of our regular review meetings they suggested their Intelligent Data Protection solution to protect my business from the risk of data loss and downtime. When we realised what the solution gave us it was an easy decision and the usual smooth installation. This is typical of the proactive advice and support we have come to expect from Microtrading.”

John Bryce, Director

Microtrading provides a wide range of IT services and support to KWB, looking after all their computer equipment and users. Most recently, we installed the Datto SIRIS Data Protection solution for KWB to mitigate against the risk of data loss and system downtime. This ensures that the organisations data is kept safe and secure at all times and provides both on-site and off-site failover capabilities with near instantaneous recovery.
Microtrading’s award winning IT support, ensures KWB’s computer system is highly secure and always available. Using a combination of on-premise and cloud based technologies, KWB have a flexible and scalable system that can quickly adapt to their business needs.

If you are looking for advice and guidance on IT security and world class protection from data loss and malware infections,  contact Microtrading IT support on 0121 784 0077 or click here to see how we can help.

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