Services at a glance:

  • True cloud solution accessible anywhere from any device
  • Flexible and secure IT infrastructure
  • Expert guidance and support throughout and post-migration
  • Project and stakeholder management

Active Partners Trust

Extraction from council and university servers, to facilitate a merger. Office relocation support and creation of cloud IT infrastructure, including IT services and Office 365 migration, to connect two new office locations.

Active Partners Trust works closely with Active Partnerships (formerly County Sports Partnership Network) to create active and healthy communities in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

To be more sustainable, more efficient and more flexible, many partnerships are becoming independent entities with charitable status.

Active Partners Trust presented a special set of circumstances – as two separate partnerships joining to become a single trust. Whilst Active Derbyshire had been part of Derbyshire County Council, Active Nottinghamshire had been part of Nottingham Trent University. This meant there was a wide variety of stakeholders that needed to be taken into consideration throughout.

Although the two partnerships were relocating into their own separate offices, they were to operate as one organisation. As such, they required a flexible, cloud-based IT infrastructure, running Office 365, allowing the two offices to communicate and collaborate with ease.

“The prospect of joining together – from an IT point of view – was daunting, but Microtrading took care of the entire migration for us with minimal downtime.

“We are just beginning to realise the potential of what we can achieve with Office 365, and Microtrading are guiding us to unlock that potential.”

Margaret Blount, Head of Operations

In managing the project, thorough discussion with all stakeholders was necessary, pre-Office 365 migration. We liaised with all parties in the planning process, supplying all requested accreditation, and ensured adherence to all policies on the extraction of systems and data.

Active Partners Trust only owned its own laptops, so we designed a cloud-integrated IT infrastructure around them – enhancing productivity and facilitating remote collaboration.

We set up a new Microsoft Office 365 tenancy for the organisation, with access to key cloud services such as file sharing and email.

Active Partners Trust is now fully supported by our Managed IT Support and IT Security Services. This ensures a proactively maintained and, importantly, protected IT infrastructure that keeps the two offices well-connected.

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