The answer to that final question is, almost certainly, yes. However, an understanding of the cloud is important in deciding whether it’s time to migrate your systems. So, let’s clear the fog that surrounds cloud computing.

The cloud refers to any cloud computing services that are delivered over the Internet, this may be servers, storage, databases, software and more.

You may already be using the cloud, without even knowing it! Many of the popular online services you use are cloud-operated, including your personal email, your OneDrive or similar file hosting service, your online word processor and even your Netflix account! In all of these examples, the information that makes up your account is stored on secure servers, and all you have to do to access it is log in.

In addition to flexible and remote access, cloud computing provides many great benefits for you and your business, that’s why many organisations are turning to cloud computing solutions.


Cloud computing offers a new approach to the costs of your IT. By eliminating large one-off expenses such as the purchasing of new hardware and software – in favour of a subscription model – costs are more predictable and easier to budget for. Also, you generally only need to pay for what you use (similar to how you pay for your gas or electricity).


Having a cloud computing system in place means you can access documents on demand, as opposed to having to look through masses of data stored in files in your office. This also has geographic benefits and means that if staff are away from the office on business and need to quickly access an email or a document, this can be done with the click of a button.


Security is a concern at the forefront of the minds of many business owners, and the cloud allows for a more secure, more reliable service, resistant to hackers and the mistakes of employees – on servers that are not only physically in a safer location but are also regularly maintained and updated.

Damage prevention

Cloud computing makes it easier to recover data in the case of catastrophic data loss, as data can be automatically backed up on the cloud providers network and recovered quickly.


You have a wide choice of options for all combinations of hosting and cloud computing services to suit the exact needs of your business. These can be adjusted at any time to meet changes in your requirements.


Cloud computing allows you to scale, up or down, the performance and capacity of your server – processing power, storage, memory, bandwidth and redundancy whenever your business demands.

At Microtrading, we can identify the right cloud computing options for you, whether this be a whole solution, email or backup system. As Microsoft Gold and Cloud Accelerate partners, and certified Microsoft Office 365 specialists, we can deliver you a tailored solution allowing you to reduce risks and costs for your business.

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