Our Hosted Exchange solution includes a range of cloud email features that can help you increase productivity and communications, and with a 99.9% uptime guarantee you’ll benefit from a highly reliable service with all the functionality a modern business demands such as shared mailboxes, shared calendars, shared contacts, and more.

Moving your email to the cloud has many advantages:

  • Migrating just the email element of your IT infrastructure to the cloud reduces the strain on your server significantly, extending its life
  • Increases the accessibility of your email, from wherever you are, on any device
  • Increases security – by moving your email to the cloud it is held in a highly secure data centre, making it less vulnerable than if it was stored on an onsite server

Hosted email server versus on-premise email server

Running an on-site email server is  expensive. Not only is a physical server required, software licenses are also needed, plus the cost of installation and ongoing support. Hosted Exchange changes this, making it more cost effective to use Microsoft’s Exchange server, but instead of it being located on-site, it’s hosted in a highly secure data centre with every mailbox triple hosted for ultra-resilience – all for a small monthly fee. Hosted email saves you time, money and the significant hassle of running a mission critical service on-site, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere.

Through our Hosted Exchange, we can also give you easy control over all elements of your email signatures:

  • Manage all of your signatures in the cloud
  • Signatures are applied on an organisational basis
  • Online signature designer
  • Automatic personalisation (name, role, phone, etc)

Our Hosted Exchange mailboxes hold a massive 125GB

Your staff can enjoy more storage for their messages, across all devices, including industry-first adjustable sizes, from 1GB for infrequent users, all the way up to 125GB – the largest available anywhere in the UK.