The modern day office, increasingly, demands that you offer the flexibility to staff to be able to access the data that represents their work, wherever they’re working and on any device, whether they’re owned by you or not.

However, unless you provide a solution for them to store and share data, you can no longer be sure your company information is safe and confidential.

Regardless of the size of your business, Microtrading cloud storage gives you the flexibility you need. With our services, you’ll be able to access and share data in confidence.


Benefits of Microtrading’s cloud storage include:

  • Employees can instantly share files with colleagues or sync them to the cloud, so they can access them anywhere in a risk-free and safe environment
  • Our Cloud storage service integrates with a whole host of applications, such as Microsoft Office, and is easy to use, so you’re up-and-running instantly
  • Track file versions and changes to documents, and restore previous versions. Collaborate on documents simultaneously and securely share files with customers, suppliers and other business partners
  • Easily increase or reduce storage capacity as and when needed, without having to purchase expensive on-premise storage hardware