Improve employee IT security awareness

Human error, and lack of good security practice by individuals, are behind many avoidable consequences of cyberattacks. Educating and training employees on IT security etiquette and the sensitivity of data goes a long way in reducing the risk of costly consequences.

Cybercriminals commonly gain access to a company’s system through the actions of an unwitting employee, ransomware and phishing emails are prime examples of this.

Keep track of devices and sensitive data

If you want to keep your most sensitive business information secure, it’s important to know exactly where it’s stored and who has access to it. A detailed quarterly audit is recommended.

This should also include a detailed record of all devices with access to your network, and ensuring these devices are configured appropriately – to avoid compromising your systems and data. This is especially important given today’s BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) workplace.

Everything is safer in the cloud

Cloud solutions help businesses to create a more secure IT infrastructure. When data is being stored in the cloud it reduces the liability that computers, laptops and mobile devices represent to sensitive information.

Moving services like emails, backups, and collaborative file sharing to the cloud not only reduces total-cost-of ownership but gives access to top-level security to better defend against both internal and external threats.

Managed Service Provider

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can assume responsibility for all your security measures helping to combat cybercrime, such as the administering of complex security devices, technical controls like firewalls, patching, antivirus software updates, intrusion-detection and log analysis systems. Keeping all systems and programmes up-to-date is critical in minimising vulnerabilities.

With an MSP you will have the benefit of managed updates, not just for security related programmes but all software. An external MSP will also allow your team, including any designated IT staff, to focus on service delivery and developing your business through improving overall operational efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

How can Microtrading help?

We can help you with all the above, making your IT infrastructure secure by:

• Educating your staff on the best practices of IT security – National Crime Agency
• Helping you to proactively manage all sensitive data and the devices that access it
• Advising on and implementing the migration of systems and data to the cloud

As an MSP, Microtrading offers a managed IT service that makes its clients less vulnerable to cyberattack and helps them to prevent catastrophic loss of data or systems.

Last year, Microtrading was named ‘Most Outstanding IT Security Solutions Provider’ in Birmingham at the TMT Global Excellence Awards, in acknowledgement of its commitment to protecting the IT infrastructure of its clients.

Andrew Penlington, Director of Microtrading, said: “It’s a myth that good IT security is out of reach of a small business. Not only that, but now, more than ever, it has become a necessity for SMBs to protect themselves effectively.

“Microtrading are IT security specialists, and we handle the requirements of a wide range of SMBs. Our managed security service protects clients proactively, addressing vulnerabilities and threats ahead of time.”

If you are looking for IT support in Birmingham or more information on our IT security services to combat cybercrime, contact us on 0121 784 0077 or click here to see how Microtrading can help.