Email signature software, such as Exclaimer, enables a business to be consistent in its digital communications, with a range of benefits that improve the experience of both the sender and receiver.

Ultimately, email signature software is intended to allow you to create sophisticated, consistent and flexible email signatures. In this article, we explain how this software allows you to manage your business email effectively and get the best out of your email signatures.

Avoid inconsistencies

The key to making your email signatures consistent, is having an agreed, brand approved, signature template, which is ‘fool-proof’ and managed centrally, ensuring the correct signature gets attached to every business email. This is what email signature software offers a business.

Without email signature software, many staff are tasked with setting up their own email signature often within Outlook. Unfortunately, this can mean that there is a lack of consistency across the workforce. People may be using incorrect logos, font, imagery and other elements of design – compromising your brand and perceived professionalism.

Taking care of the legal bit

Many companies are unaware of users’ accounts failing to meet the legal requirements for their email communications. By law, all company email signatures or footers should include:

  • Your company name
  • Your company registration number
  • Your country of registration (e.g. Scotland or England & Wales)
  • Your registered office address

With the ability to manage your email signatures centrally with email signature software, you can ensure that your business adheres to this legal requirement.

The right signature from any device

Emailing from a mobile device typically means that your messages will end with “Sent from iPhone” or something similar. With a centralised solution, the email signature attaches to every communication sent from a user account, regardless of the device used. This means that you can maintain the level of professionalism and legal compliance in your correspondence.

The right signature from any department

If you have staff who operate in multiple departments, email signature software allows them to switch between pre-approved, departmental-specific signatures quickly, and easily. This helps to prevent staff inadvertently confusing the receiver as to the professional position of the sender.

Spread a message

Got an event coming up? Running a promotion? By having centralised management of email signatures, you can incorporate a key message into every email sent by your staff. In this way, each communication can reinforce a marketing objective.

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