This is a great opportunity for your business to begin, or continue, its cloud journey with Microtrading Cloud Server. Cloud computing makes working, accessing data and collaborating remotely both simple and efficient.

What is Microtrading Cloud Server?

Microtrading Cloud Server is an out-of-the-box, fixed-cost server solution built in one of the world’s leading cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure. The cloud server we offer is powered by Microsoft Azure, and can be provisioned quickly and easily.

Benefits of Microtrading Cloud Server

Microtrading Cloud Server delivers a range of benefits to you and your team, helping you to operate securely in a modern, flexible working environment.

Get your server up and running quicker

When big changes are made to your IT, it can mean significant disruption to your business. However, with Microtrading Cloud Server, you can get line-of-business applications up and running within a few hours, with no need to wait for on-site hardware or complex configurations.

Predictable spend

A new physical server typically involves a large one-off capital expense, but not a Microtrading Cloud Server. Our fixed monthly pricing model spreads the investment cost for easy budgeting and improved cashflow.

Highly secure

Security is an ever more important concern, not just for your own organisation, but all the organisations you support too. Increasingly, tenders cite cybersecurity criteria in their requirements.

Microtrading Cloud Server provides highly secure and safe data storage using artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect your information. Your data is also replicated three times locally within the same datacentre, for your peace of mind, as well as that of your clients.

Easy to fine-tune

Need more space? Got too much space? Microtrading Cloud Server offers flexible storage options, which means that servers can be upgraded or downgraded easily. In addition to periods of business growth, this is particularly useful for intensive projects that require increased capacity. You can fulfil those needs temporarily and reduce your capacity when it is no longer needed.

Cloud computing - Microtrading

High availability and reliability

To support your team effectively, whether in the office, at home, or on the go, you need to be able to depend on your IT infrastructure. With Microtrading Cloud Server, you’ll benefit from a 99.9% uptime SLA within a Microsoft Azure datacentre and, if a service failure does occur, data will be easily accessible from a secondary datacentre.

Additional security options

Data backup is a vital insurance policy for your IT systems and data. An effective and easily accessible backup allows you to not only recover from catastrophic system failures and data loss events, but also recall small pieces of data lost due to human error. Backup is incredibly helpful for undoing those mistakes that might normally incur a significant amount of time to remedy.

Our cloud server add-ons include optional daily backups, allowing you to easily back up data and applications. We also offer increased security of access through the option of a VPN (virtual private network).

The perfect replacement for end-of-life servers

It’s now become common practice to use cloud servers for hosting websites, web applications, business software and development or test environments.

However, many small-to-medium sized organisations still rely on on-site servers for their business applications and data. Increasingly though, a cloud server offers the perfect opportunity to replace an outdated on-site server as it approaches end-of-life. A cloud server offers an affordable, reliable and scalable solution for organisations of all sizes.

A remedy for common ‘pain points’

An on-site server can represent a data environment that leaves organisations at risk of breaching compliance requirements. Moving to a cloud-based server enables organisations to handle data without compromising on compliance. With Microtrading Cloud Server, organisations can benefit from highly secure, reliable and compliant data centres to help protect critical business data.

It can be difficult to implement and regularly test on-site servers for business continuity and disaster recovery processes. It requires regular investment in both time and resources to ensure that data can be recovered should the worst happen. Microtrading Cloud Server provides a guaranteed uptime, data replication and optional daily backup – all for a fixed monthly cost. This cloud-based approach to business continuity and disaster recovery saves crucial operational time, if or when disaster strikes.

What’s the promotion we’re currently offering?

We’re currently offering Microtrading Cloud Server, at Entry and Standard level, for free until 26th July 2020. See the following table for further details:

Entry 2 Core CPU
4 GB Memory
64GB £58.81 £17.64
256GB £76.46 £52.93
512GB £105.87 £76.46
1024GB £152.93 £117.64
Standard 2 Core CPU
8GB Memory
128GB £117.64 £23.52
512GB £147.05 £76.46
1024GB £194.11 £117.64
2048GB £282.34 £223.52
Premium 4 Core CPU
16GB memory
512GB £235.28 £58.81
1024GB £282.34 £117.64
2048GB £352.93 £223.52
4096GB £529.40 £435.28
Premium + 8 Core CPU
32GB memory
512GB £376.46 £58.81
1024GB £411.75 £117.64
2048GB £505.87 £223.52
4096GB £682.34 £435.28


VPN £23.50
Please note: this offer only applies to Entry and Standard server packages; the Premium and Premium+ packages listed in the table above are not included. Furthermore, additional services such as backup, configuration and additional licensing are also excluded from the promotion. There is no limit on the number of servers a customer can have.


Need more information on cloud computing?

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How can Microtrading help?

We can help you capitalise on everything that cloud computing has to offer. We provide a comprehensive range of cloud solutions designed to deliver an IT infrastructure that’s optimised towards your needs.

Microtrading can advise on, specify and implement your migration to the cloud. Once your cloud migration is complete, we can support it on an ongoing basis with our Managed IT Services, which ensure the smooth running of your IT infrastructure.

If you’re looking for IT support in Birmingham or more information on remote working and working from home, contact us on 0121 784 0077 or click here to see how Microtrading can help.