The FSPA is the national trading body serving over 500 manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of sports and play equipment, clothing and apparel. We will provide the organisation with our Managed IT Services and ultimately migrate its IT infrastructure to a cloud-based platform.

In addition to a strong portfolio of organisations within the sporting industry, we also provide the IT support for a number of trading bodies – making the FSPA’s instruction a crossover of our experience.

Andrew Penlington, Managing Director of Microtrading, said: “FSPA is another great addition to our portfolio of clients based in the sporting industry. We had been aware of the FSPA for a while and, with this relationship now in place, we look forward to supporting and developing its IT infrastructure.”

Reasons for requirement

FSPA recognised the need to ensure that their IT systems were relevant, fit for purpose and up to date, and decided to conduct a review of their current IT infrastructure.

The FSPA’s CEO, Nick Palmer, who joined the organisation this year, contacted us and two other IT support providers, following recommendations from other Sports and Recreation Alliance members. The requirement included both the taking over of FSPA’s IT support and planning the future of its IT infrastructure.

Assessing the situation

As part of the tender process, we conducted an extensive review of the organisation’s existing IT infrastructure and the IT support it was receiving from the incumbent provider.

In our consultation with the organisation, we evaluated working practices and their own strategy for improvement, not just from an IT point of view but also operationally. Along with the recent welcoming of a new CEO, the organisation was undergoing a period of various changes and was keen to ensure that the team could be brought closer together through IT.

The report we provided to the FSPA was driven towards the communication of commercials and was presented in person. It included an assessment of the current situation, a series of proposed short-term changes and a vision for the organisation’s migration to a cloud-based infrastructure. We created a plan for a new platform based around Microsoft Office 365 and our Managed IT Services.

Winning the contract

Based on our submission and the references we submitted – which included peers of the FSPA – we were chosen as the new IT services provider. The FSPA stated that our evaluation of its IT infrastructure and support was the most detailed of all three submitted.

Nick Palmer, CEO of the FSPA, said: “The attention to detail that Microtrading demonstrated made them the standout candidate to become our new IT support provider. Microtrading struck us as a company that would be tenacious in supporting our IT and pushing it forward.”

How can Microtrading’s Managed IT Services help?

As IT security and cloud computing experts, our strengths in these areas have helped make us the go-to IT support provider to sporting organisations and trade associations. We understand the unique challenges faced by governing bodies. Through our Managed IT Services, we advise and support many of these organisations on the technology and techniques that will optimise their IT experience.

We can review the current position of your IT infrastructure and IT support and identify the areas for improvement, as we have done for the FSPA and every new client we onboard.

If you’d like to discuss your IT support requirements or Microtrading’s Managed IT Services, contact Microtrading IT support in Birmingham on 0121 784 0077 or click here to see how we can help.