Protecting your systems and data against the weaknesses and loopholes within your software and applications is paramount. The exploitation of systems and data can result in untold damage to businesses and/or individuals. Patch management eradicates security weaknesses in the programs you use.

Software isn’t infallible, nearly all programs have vulnerabilities, and as malicious software grows more and more sophisticated, IT security must remain one step ahead. Software vendors regularly release updates and patches to fix any weaknesses that have developed or come to light.

Ensuring you are up-to-date with patches increases the protection of your IT infrastructure and any personal data you hold.

A catastrophic loss of data, has and does destroy small to medium businesses. Your data is crucial to the wellbeing of your company and that is why protecting it with the appropriate programs and services is not an inconvenient expense, it’s a vital one.

GDPR places upon business owners an increased responsibility to do this, and it is a regulation and not a directive. This means that the measures necessary for you to have a satisfactory level of IT security must be implemented by your organisation and continue to be adhered to. 

Microtrading can assist you with your IT security needs in preparation for the GDPR and beyond.

Andrew Penlington, Director of Microtrading, said: “IT security is vital for all businesses, and GDPR certainly adds extra impetus for business owners to get theirs in check. Patch management may seem to some like a trivial thing, but trust us when we say that failure to keep things up-to-date could be a grave mistake.

“We offer patch management as part of our managed services, and we know that managed services as a whole is keeping our clients systems and data as safe as possible.”

A managed service patch management system will update all devices automatically to reduce the risk of a security breach – alleviating the burden on in-house resources and maintaining compliance with the GDPR.

Microtrading would advise any business owners considering how to improve the IT security of their business to get in touch, to see what improvements Microtrading can recommend and offer.

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