Hey Andy, what are your responsibilities at Microtrading?

I joined Microtrading in 2008 and, since then, have progressed to my current role of Senior Business Advisor. In this role, I would say my responsibilities are split into two areas.

The first area is account management. I look after Microtrading’s main client accounts, ensuring they’re getting the best advice on their IT, both strategically and operationally. This includes regular communication and quarterly reviews to assess where our clients are at – addressing their queries and seeing how we can find solutions to their challenges, through IT. With our combined knowledge base and network of strategic partners, such as CyberQ, we recommend tools that we’ve tried and tested, and will truly benefit our clients.

The second area of my work is new business. This involves a variety of activities, including networking and identifying opportunities, handling referrals, responding to enquiries and tenders, and attending a range of events.

What drives you in your role?

For me, I’m driven by a real desire to do right by our clients. We’re not just a ‘sales engine’. As previously mentioned, we only offer products and services that we know will benefit the client. Knowing that we’re truly helping our clients, rather than upselling – something I’ve experienced in previous jobs – is a real motivator.

I feel a great responsibility in helping customers realise their business goals through having the right IT solution, and I’m proud of how we support every client through all the work we do.

What experience do you bring to the role?

I’ve been working in IT support sales for nearly 20 years. My experience in IT began in the early 2000s, when I worked in IT telesales. As I progressed in IT sales, I went on to work in IT support contracts marketing and then in new business sales. However, when I joined Microtrading, I started to amass a much wider IT knowledge, which led to big changes to my approach and my career.

Until joining Microtrading in 2008, I would say my experience was actually quite narrow, though I wasn’t aware of it at the time. Working here, I’ve been on an educational journey, expanding my knowledge and experience in many areas such as Managed Services, CRM and cyber security. The Microtrading team has broadened my knowledge and awareness to the point that I fully appreciate how IT helps to run and grow a business.

All of this enables me to deliver the guidance and support that our clients deserve, driven by effective IT solutions.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a big sports fan, having played rugby all my life. For a while I played at a semi-professional level for Kidderminster Carolians and I now manage rugby teams – my old team, the Carolians and also the North Midlands Men’s Under-18s. I love rowing – a little claim to fame, that my dad and I have, is that we used to own the boat that Pinsent and Redgrave rowed to Olympic gold in Barcelona 1992! I’m also regularly taking my two boys, Lachlan, 11, and Connor, 7, to their sports clubs. And finally, on sport, I’m a lifelong fan of Newcastle United FC.

Elsewhere, I love to cook – much to the delight of my wife, I do a lot of the cooking. My ‘signature dish’ is probably a true carbonara – featuring absolutely no cream!

Some words from Andrew Penlington

“Last month, you got to know Sam Chappell – who continues to significantly grow his knowledge and experience since joining us as an apprentice, two years ago. Andy McLellan may have been with us now for 12 years, but he is another great example of someone who has grown as part of our team.

“Andy is not only crucial in acquiring new business, built on the experience he brought with him and the subsequent knowledge he has gained with us, he is also pivotal in maintaining and developing our client relationships. That’s a different job, and one he excels at.

“He truly cares about our clients and he’s a credit to the business in the way he supports them in maximising their investment in technology. He identifies opportunities for them to improve their business through IT and truly start their digital transformation journey. Both Microtrading and our clients are much the better for that.”

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