Hey Nathan, what are your responsibilities at Microtrading?

I’m responsible for first- and second-line support – this involves handling emails and phone calls that come into us through our help desk. My depth of experience in hardware, cyber security and disaster recovery, means I tend to focus on resolving those types of issues for our clients.

I’m required to go on-site at client premises, to fix machines when necessary and carry out installation work.

What drives you in your role?

I genuinely love to fix things and to help people. I get a great sense of achievement from resolving an issue for a client – especially when it ensures they can complete time-sensitive work.

Microtrading is a very rewarding and enriching place to work – it’s a great team, we all get on very well and we’re always sharing knowledge.

What experience do you bring to the role?

I joined Microtrading about two years ago and, before that, my IT experience mainly revolved around setting up and configuring systems. I specialise in hardware and operating systems, and am well-versed in testing and diagnosing, and resolving issues.

At Microtrading, I’ve accrued a wealth of additional knowledge – both from the team and through helping our clients. I’ve also undergone training – for example, I have a qualification in Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Engineers, strengthening my ability to protect our clients’ IT infrastructure.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a massive music fan and have quite a broad taste – from jazz to rock, and hip hop to opera. I look for music that’s well written, and it can just about be of any genre. I’m just as happy listening to J Cole as I am listening to Damien Rice.

I’m also a very keen walker and go on regular hikes on hills and mountain trails with friends. A group of us are actually just about to tackle Snowdon, which should be great fun!

Some words from Andrew Penlington

Andrew Penlington, Director of Microtrading, said: “Nathan’s a really great guy and a credit to the team. Providing the vital amenity of a help desk to our clients is a cornerstone of our business. It keeps our clients’ IT running – preventing sustained downtime and loss of service.”

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