At Microtrading, as IT security specialists, we offer effective and truly comprehensive IT security solutions.

We consider both cyber and physical threats to your operations to give you a 360-degree solution that protects the health of your business. We can even provide you with specialist IT services such as penetration testing, which provide you further reassurance of your IT’s resilience.

Internet security

We manage your firewall, anti-virus, web access permissions and online activity, as well as provide your staff with cyber security training on the dangers that the internet presents to your IT system. We can also help you achieve Cyber Essentials Certification to demonstrate to your customers the cybersecurity measures you have in place.

Remote working

With so many teams working from home – at least part of the time – it’s important to ensure that remote working isn’t significantly increasing the threats to your organisation. Our IT security support packages for remote working help you manage the risks.

Penetration testing

There are many benefits to knowing exactly how secure your IT is. We offer an in-house penetration testing service that allows you to evaluate several key areas of your IT security – from your firewall and antivirus, to your website and staff’s security awareness.

Mobile devices

BYOD (bring-your-own-device) adds a susceptibility to your IT infrastructure, that needs to be accounted for and mitigated. We can provide you with sophisticated and effective management of the access that staff mobile devices have, to make your infrastructure and data as safe as possible.

Backup and disaster recovery

With our effective backup and recovery solution, we can secure your infrastructure against catastrophic data loss and any of the day-to-day human errors that cost you time and money.

Data protection

Maintaining the integrity of data is paramount to the continued prosperity of your organisation. We can advise on your data protection obligations – with particular reference to the GDPR – and offer a wide range of services, from cyber security training to solutions that protect you from viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and targeted phishing of your data.