One of the most prevalent threats to small and medium sized businesses’ data security is ransomware. Ransomware searches your system for sensitive information and then proceeds to steal or encrypt that data – businesses are then held at ransom to retrieve it, or prevent it from being publicly disclosed.

We can provide data encryption solutions for you to ensure that your most sensitive data is safe, even if stolen. We can also provide encryption for the sending of sensitive data – so you can make those necessary communications in a secure environment.

Part of a proactive approach to avoiding any security breach or data loss is to understand and take steps to mitigate that risk. The most common avenues through which a machine or network can be infected are through email and web browsing.

Managing the access your system has to websites that pose a potential threat to your data security is very important. We’ll keep you in complete control over the sites that are accessible from your systems – and give you full awareness of any attempted access to harmful or undesirable websites.

As a preventative measure, maintaining an up-to-date backup of the data on your system can prove invaluable should your data be corrupted or stolen, as you may have to rely on your backups to restore services quickly and resume operations.