Each of the packages below is designed to allow you to fulfil the ambitions of flexibility and remote working that you have for your team, without compromising the integrity of your IT systems and data.

Remote Security ESSENTIALS

ESSENTIALS delivers basic monitoring and prevention services, to help you and your team avoid falling victim to an attack from a cybercriminal when working from home or on-the-go.

The Remote Security ESSENTIALS package offers:

  • Dark Web Monitoring – this allows you to keep an eye on any sensitive information that may have been taken outside of your protection. We’ll continuously search for email addresses, usernames and passwords on the dark web.
  • User Awareness Training – the majority of data breaches and successful cyberattacks involve an element of human error, but cyber security awareness training can empower your staff to be more vigilant when working from home, and adept at spotting cybercriminal tactics.
  • Phishing Simulations – go one step further with your training and put your staff to the test. We can simulate phishing attacks in communications with your staff, and gauge how they respond – allowing you to find out where there’s room for improvement.

Remote Security ESSENTIALS PRO

ESSENTIALS PRO gives you all of the ESSENTIALS package plus Cloud Network Security and Threat Intelligence. This helps to further protect your IT devices against cyberthreats when they are used either remotely or in the workplace.

The Cloud Network Security and Threat Intelligence featured in ESSENTIALS PRO allows you to:

  • Protect your roaming users and devices – this works no matter where they are and doesn’t require them to be connected to an office network or VPN.
  • Block domains, IP addresses, and applications that are malicious or that you would like to prohibit, before they can establish a connection.
  • Prevent malicious or fraudulent websites from deploying malware, ransomware or phishing attempts.
  • Report and track employee productivity with web usage and filtering capabilities.

Remote Security ENTERPRISE

With our ENTERPRISE package, you receive the most comprehensive remote working solution for your IT security. ENTERPRISE offers all the features of ESSENTIALS and ESSENTIALS PRO, and the benefits they bring, and adds Authentication, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) to the mix.

ENTERPRISE’s Authentication service allows you to:

  • Enforce Conditional Access policies on corporate systems to allow connections only from your controlled and enrolled devices.
  • Increase security and access to sensitive data with multi-factor authentication (MFA) – reduce the risk of access by malicious actors by requiring multiple factors of authentication before gaining entry.

When a mobile or personal device connects to your IT infrastructure, it is a gateway to your network and your data. This is equally true when company devices use a domestic or public WiFi internet connection. With Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) you can mitigate the risks posed.

ENTERPRISE’s EMM and MDM keep your data, devices and your team safe through:

  • Control and management of both corporately owned and personal devices, so that you and your team can enjoy secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities.
  • Enforcement of secure access and remote working policies, deploying features like selective data wiping and management of applications.
  • Centralised management of enrolled devices, so that you can lock them remotely, wipe their memory and reset their passwords.

All of this puts you in control, and helps you fulfil your responsibilities for your systems and data, even when devices are far from your premises.

Get in touch and we can take you through secure remote working in more detail and provide you with the options that work for you.