Mitigate cyberattacks through security awareness training

Through our cyber security awareness platform, your team can learn how to identify malicious emails and dubious websites, as well as the correct responses to online requests for information.

Cybercriminals often target unsuspecting staff as a method of gaining access to sensitive personal information, such as credit card details and login credentials, and even a business’s network. Using tactics, such as phishing attacks, cybercriminals deceive users into supplying login details that can provide the key to your systems and data.

Protect your sensitive data

Data security has never been more important or under threat. If your business handles sensitive personal data, you have a legal and moral obligation to keep that data safe.

Data handling may or may not take place at every level of your business but training your whole workforce on data protection helps to create a positive IT security culture.

We’ll help you teach your staff about the risks of data loss and data breaches and show them how to ensure data is as secure as possible when it is processed, stored and sent. Our cyber security awareness platform also enables you to reinforce the legislation set out in the GDPR and guidelines shared by GCHQ and the ICO.

Learn effectively, ‘little and often’

Sending staff on an IT security course is all well and good, but how much of the information is retained and how long will it take until standards slip? It’s far more effective to provide small, regular in-business training sessions delivering bite-sized pieces of useful information that can be absorbed and put into practice straight away.

The additional benefit of the ‘little and often’ approach in this specific field is that it can respond to change. The resources made available through our platform are routinely updated to account for the latest adjustments to law and best practice, as well as any developing threats to IT security.

Engaging and enjoyable interactive training

We’re well-aware that IT-related content can contain jargon that only speaks to the already initiated. If it can’t really be understood by the audience, it’s of little to no value. Our cyber security awareness training platform uses everyday language that’s jargon-free and created by UK-based education professionals.

If you are trying to encourage staff to participate in regular training on an individual basis, it doesn’t just need to be easy to understand, it needs to engage and be enjoyable.

The delivery of our cyber security training is fun and interactive, using contextual, real-life situations that your staff will relate to.

Simulated attacks for safe, practical experience

People learn in different ways – some by reading, some by listening and others need to give it a go. Our security awareness platform can provide you and your team with hands-on experience through simulated phishing campaigns to test and reaffirm your staffs level of awareness.

This not only gives your staff the opportunity to get to grips with handling malicious emails, but it’s also a great measure for you as the employer. The results of the simulating phishing attacks will help you identify areas for improvement, allowing their individual training programme to be adjusted accordingly when needed.

GCHQ certified for your peace of mind

The training and advice provided through our cyber security awareness training platform is routinely reviewed and approved by the UK Government’s intelligence and security organisation, GCHQ. Security awareness training is also part of the National Cyber Security Programme and highly recommended to all businesses that want to conduct their business in a safe and secure manner.

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