Whether you’re looking for new equipment or need to upgrade existing equipment, Microtrading can provide your business with the most cost effective and reliable IT hardware and software for your needs.

Proven track record

Microtrading has a proven track record and over 35 years of experience and expertise in helping businesses choose and implement the right IT systems. Our partnerships, combined with Microtrading’s knowledge and experience, ensures that our technical team gives you the very best customer experience possible – prioritising quality, customisation and cost effectiveness. This provides you with the optimum installation and the very best care for your business and its IT systems.

Why we’re a trusted partner

Microtrading is a multi-award winning Microsoft Partner and accredited Microsoft Small Business Specialist. Our team of Microsoft Certified Technology Experts will help design and build your system.

As business partners with the world’s leading IT hardware and software manufacturers, including Apple, Acronis, DELL, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo, McAfee, Microsoft, Netgear, Samsung, SonicWall, Synology and Toshiba, Microtrading is able to supply the complete range of hardware and software products at very competitive prices.

We will carry out installation works in accordance with the schedule of your business, in order to minimise disruption to operations.

We will arrange this well in advance, and make you fully aware of what is being installed, how long it will take, and what impact it will have on the functionality of your system. We can provide training on new hardware and software, where required, and are on-hand to provide you with ongoing support for your new system.