Any issues our system monitoring service flags up are automatically logged with our helpdesk. These are then categorised and prioritised, and assigned to the right specialist for the task – all before you are even aware there is a problem.

Anti-virus and malware

We can monitor your machines round the clock for viruses and malware, and prevent an outbreak from damaging your business. We take on the responsibility of ensuring your anti-virus software is up-to-date so you are always protected.

Patch management

Patch management is of vital importance. Software vendors regularly release patches to address and fix vulnerabilities in the system. If these are not properly maintained, it can leave your system open to attack from the latest viruses, hackers and ransomware. That’s why we monitor your devices and automatically patch your servers and workstations to ensure they are up-to-date and secure.

Storage capacity

Have you ever had a downed server or been unable to download a file onto your laptop, because you have no space left? Storage capacity management is an important part of the overall upkeep of the IT system. We track the amount of available storage on your servers and workstations –  notifying you of the need to free up or increase storage, before it affects your business.

CPU usage

When your processors are working near capacity, the functionality of your systems can grind to a halt. Reasons for a struggling processor can vary from simply running too many programs to a virus outbreak. We monitor your CPU, tracking for high usage or any abnormalities. By doing this, we endeavour to address any processor issues before they impact on your ability to work.

Internet usage

Monitoring the internet usage of your staff has become a necessary part of day-to-day operations. This is done for many reasons, including staff productivity and virus prevention. Our web monitoring service enables you to restrict access to specific websites, identify bandwidth usage by user, and report on websites that have been accessed or attempted to be accessed, that contain malware.