Permitting access to your corporate network from employee-owned devices has to be done with all safeguards in place to protect your data and maintain confidentiality. You need to be able to securely control and manage access to your systems, whether they be on premise or in the cloud; our tailored, mobile device management service delivers all this, with efficiency, reliability and convenience.

We can help you implement an effective and manageable mobile device policy that protects your business and gives your staff the freedom they need to be productive. Our service includes remote actions such as password reset, device lock, data encryption, and full wipe to protect corporate data on lost or stolen devices.

See what our mobile device management service includes
  • Deploy certificates, WiFi, VPN, and email profiles automatically once a device is enrolled, enabling users to access corporate resources with the appropriate security configurations
  • Protect corporate data by restricting access to emails, documents and software applications, based upon policies set by the business
  • Simplify enrolment of corporate devices enabling IT administrators to set policies and deploy applications on a large scale
  • Manage Android, Windows and iOS devices
  • Enable the enforcement of stricter ‘lock-down’ policies for BYOD

Our process

We’ll liaise with you on the specific requirements of your company, gaining an understanding of the staffing structure in order draw up a plan of permissions. Once that is established, we will install the program, configure settings, train you on how it is operating and we will work alongside you, ongoing, making any necessary adjustments to accommodate new staff, and new company rules.