Integration and collaboration

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is designed to provide better communication and collaboration because it’s part of Microsoft Teams – allowing you to work seamlessly between conference call meetings, traditional phone calls and messaging. You can turn any PC, Mac or mobile device into a phone so you have the flexibility to answer and make calls on virtually any device no matter where you are.

Business Voice integrates seamlessly with many other tools within Microsoft Office 365, meaning that users can collaborate on documents in real-time during meetings, and use Teams to access calendar and contact information held in Outlook.

This allows you to improve your team’s ability to work together, by radically changing how they can collaborate. Instead of each department using their own ‘favourite’ tool to communicate between themselves, everyone throughout the organisation communicates on one platform and can work together easily.

Flexibility and BYOD

During the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown, mobility and remote working has proven to be vital for most businesses. However, many business owners say that lack of flexible core services, like telephony, is stopping them from fully capitalising on remote working and carrying on business as usual.

Business Voice allows you to call from, or be called on, the same number from any device – whether that’s a desktop PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, desk phone, conferencing system or smart phone. This enables your team to work from anywhere, anytime, so that they can be wherever they need to be – with no loss of communication.


Business Voice gives you a full-featured business telephone system in your pocket, wherever you go. You can call, chat and have online meetings, all run in a single app, and modes can be switched with just one click.

For those who may have missed our article last month, which included how Business Voice is helping a British business, Boston Ltd in St Albans, watch the video below.

You can allow your employees to easily satisfy all their modes of communication on one company-approved app. It’s simple to use and, for this one reason alone, will discourage people from using non-company-approved tools that could pose a security risk.

Ultimately, this can enable you to adapt quickly to challenging situations. You’ll also be able to deliver the flexitime and remote working that employees often seek as part of their employment package – and that many employers may now need to implement in the new normal.


Any solution you invest in to facilitate core operations of your business must be dependable. With Business Voice, connection quality is consistent, and disaster recovery – following a destructive event – is quick and easy.

This solution is also backed by the assurance that you’re within Microsoft’s cloud – one of the top-tier cloud solutions in the industry – so you’ll benefit from industry-leading security and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

How Microtrading can help?

Microtrading can provide a Microsoft 365 Business Voice solution tailored to your needs. We can identify the structure and scale of your requirement and advise on and implement a planned setup. We can procure all necessary elements, and install and configure them. After implementation, we’ll help you realise the full benefits of your investment, with expert advice and assistance.

For more information about Microsoft Business Voice, check out our article from last month.

If you’re looking for IT support in Birmingham or advice on Microsoft 365 Business Voice, contact us on 0121 784 0077 or click here to see how Microtrading can help.