Microtrading helps clients to unlock the potential of their investment in IT. To that end, here are some OneNote tips and features that can benefit your business.

What is OneNote?

Perhaps the most important part of making the most of OneNote is understanding exactly what it is. It’s a digital notebook in which you can store or jot down just about anything – so it’s not just equal to a physical notebook, it’s even better. You can use OneNote for storing and keeping safe:

  • Typed notes
  • Handwritten notes and drawings
  • Audio recordings
  • Images
  • Video

You can organise your notes into pages and sections but unlike a normal notebook, you can add structure and adjust structure retrospectively.

Plus, it’s in the cloud – so you can’t lose this notebook and you can’t leave it at home or on the train either, you can access your notes wherever you are.

Keeping your thoughts secure

Making your notes on random scraps of paper doesn’t just make them easy for you to lose, it makes them easier for others to find. If you note down information that is, for whatever reason, sensitive – you need to keep it secure and easy for you to locate. Recording such notes and media in OneNote makes them simple to search through, and secure in cloud storage.

You can password protect specific notes too. If you want to make much of your content open to your team but also keep certain parts of your OneNote account private, with the password protection function it’s easy to do. This means you can make certain notes available to certain groups of people or accessible only to you.

Searching in OneNote

Searching within OneNote is more efficient than searching your notepad will ever be. CTRL + E allows you to search across all of your notes, so you can get to a topic quickly and easily. Using trusty CTRL+F, you can then search through the note for a specific word or phrase.

The command CTRL+M will open a new OneNote window, so you can view and flick between multiple notes at once.

Adding audio and video

A multimedia notebook has its advantages and OneNote makes it easy to incorporate audio and video into your notes. The Insert menu provides the options to add a variety of items, including Screen Clippings, pictures, online pictures, videos and links.

You can also make audio and video files searchable – meaning that you can look for and locate the words you want within a video or audio file. This feature is disabled by default, but if you want to enable it, go to the “File” menu and then select “Options” then select the “Audio and Video” option from the left sidebar. Now, select the “Enable searching for audio and video recordings for words” checkbox and you’re good to go.

To-do lists

OneNote has a nifty to-do list feature which you can use to manage your time and track your progress day to day. Creating a to-do list is simple. Type the first task into a note and press Ctrl+1, OneNote will then add a checkbox to that line automatically. Then press Enter, write your next task on the new line and repeat.

Pull text out of images

OneNote’s ‘Copy Text from Picture’ function is a great time saver. It will read the text within an image and copy this content into your clipboard – so you can paste and edit the text.

You can still write if you want

You don’t have to sacrifice the pen when using OneNote. The Draw tab offers the ability to write and draw into OneNote. Admittedly made easier with a stylus, OneNote allows you to draw and write your thoughts with a variety of digital pens. You can also scan and then convert handwritten notes into a digitised version – so you can dispose of what you write by hand and access it anywhere.

Give it a try

Perhaps the best tip we can possibly give you is to give OneNote a go. Many of our clients that simply start using OneNote soon realise they’ve been missing out for a while. Many of OneNote’s primary functions are intuitive so you can start getting something out of it straight away.

We find OneNote on mobile devices to be particularly useful during events such as conferences. During a conference you can capture your thoughts, audio, video and photos of presentation slides and store them in the cloud – making the lessons you glean from an event available to you and your team.

How can Microtrading help?

We can assist you in setting up One Note and configure its integration with a variety of other applications within Office 365 and Teams.

If you’d like to discuss your use of OneNote or other IT support requirements, contact Microtrading IT support in Birmingham on 0121 784 0077 or click here to see how we can help.