Following a sustained period of healthy expansion for the business, RSM Partners made the decision to relocate and simultaneously take the opportunity to overhaul its IT infrastructure.

RSM Partners is a global IT services provider, which provides mainframe services and software. RSM has a range of high profile clients including Global Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Retail brands. To find out more about RSM Partners you can visit their website here.

Desktops, productivity software and the like fall outside RSM’s own area of IT expertise. Fulfilling IT support in-house was also a drain on resources, and the company had reached a size at which it was no longer efficient for it to cater for its own IT requirements. It was then decided that an external IT partner needed to be instructed.

The process that RSM Partners undertook was thorough. Mark Banwell, Business Operations Director of RSM Partners, explained: “We have to conduct the due diligence on a scale you would expect of a far larger company. This is because we are responsible for the mainframes of companies far larger than us, with sensitive data and processes. When you’re providing an integrated service for banks, supermarket chains, car manufacturers and, indeed, the government, security is of the highest importance.”

Having met RSM’s prerequisites for cyber security, Microtrading was selected for a number of key reasons.

Mark Banwell said of RSM Partners’ decision: “We wanted an IT partner that would grow with us, and could keep us up-to-date with the very latest best practice – particularly in regard to cyber security and the GDPR. Against such criteria, Microtrading was the best choice for our business as our new IT partner.

“We believed they would help us make the most of Office 365 and remote working, and the VIP 24/7 service available to key staff was a significant benefit.”

Microtrading built a new network infrastructure for RSM, from scratch, that fitted around the programs and processes that were already in place, and with adherence to the GDPR and the government-backed Cyber Essentials qualification in mind.

Mark continued: “Microtrading has been superb. They take a proactive approach in their planning and getting involved with our existing suppliers very early on. We’re not ashamed to say that we needed a bit of handholding during this process of creating a new network, and the Microtrading team were happy to guide us every step of the way.”

“The customer care we have received has been impressive, it’s responsive and effective, and personal; I was astounded to see Microtrading’s Director, Andrew Penlington in our new offices, on our opening day, making sure everything was ok and the move was a success. We look forward to the next steps with our IT partner.”

Microtrading would like to encourage companies who are either set to relocate offices, or considering improvements to their IT system, to get in touch.

An office relocation requires thorough planning in regard to IT, to ensure minimised downtime and disruption to the business operation. It is also an ideal opportunity to review IT infrastructure, as moving to a cloud-based system can ease the transition to a new location and also open up a variety of possibilities in mobile and collaborative working.

If you are looking for IT support in Birmingham or further information on moving office or upgrading your IT infrastructure, contact Microtrading IT support on 0121 784 0077 or click here.