We don’t mean to scare you – but small companies are equally at risk – if not more so, and we want to help you. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting smaller companies due to them generally not having the budget to implement sophisticated data security systems. The aim of cybercriminals is most often to steal sensitive information and use this to exploit you, or your customers. Most small firms do not have a prepared business continuity plan in place for catastrophic loss of systems or data and delaying the creation of a plan can put the whole business at risk.

Being hacked can be extremely damaging to any company in several ways. A data security breach could cause your customers to lose trust, this is especially threatening to small businesses with a smaller number of customers.

Customers will be less inclined to do business with you, if in the past their personal data has been compromised. It is important that if you are hacked, you make people aware of the danger – seek legal advice especially if personal data has been compromised – rebuild for the future, and make sure you revisit your security plan. Microtrading can assist you with all of this.

We have compiled some practical and preventative measures you and your staff can take to prevent an initial security breach:

  • Backup important data
  • Only download information from known good sources and websites
  • Be suspicious of emails from unfamiliar senders – check the email address to make sure it is not a fake account
  • Be cautious opening attachments and clicking on links even it is appears to be from someone you know – seek advice if you’re ever unsure
  • Check website URLs – if the URL consists of ‘https’ or a padlock – it is secure
  • Train and educate staff on the threat from cybercrime
  • Use complex passwords and multi factor authentication
  • Regularly perform test recoveries of your backups
  • Patch and update software regularly to keep it up to date and secure
  • Become Cyber Essentials certified to demonstrate good security practice and awareness

We want to prevent you from having to deal with the lengthy and costly process needed to rebuild your business after a cyber-attack. We can assist you with implementing our 10 steps and ensure your business is prepared should the worst ever happen.

We look at all aspects of your business in depth to understand the fundamental areas to your business operations and put contingency plans in place.

Microtrading offers a managed IT service which will make you less vulnerable to cyberattack and help prevent catastrophic loss of data or systems. Furthermore, if you do become subject to a form of cybercrime, we enable you to move forward quickly, minimising damage to your operations.

If you are considering the vulnerability of your IT systems and sensitive data, we highly recommend getting in touch to discuss your requirements for IT support.

If you are looking for IT support in Birmingham or more information on our security plans, contact Microtrading IT support on 0121 784 0077 or fill out our contact form.