Less than three months remain until Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 ends. As of 14th January 2020, businesses still using Windows 7 will have an operating system that develops a growing number of weaknesses.

The benefits of upgrading to Windows 10 include:

  • Speed – Windows 10 is much faster than Windows 7, enabling your staff to be more productive
  • Touch – Windows 10 is optimised for touch screens, making it even more convenient for you to use your device how you want to
  • Security –Windows 10 includes important security features such as Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello to keep you more secure


Once Windows 7 is no longer supported and cracks begin to show in its defences, it will fall short of security legislation, such as the guidelines laid out in the government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme and other compliance and regulatory standards like the GDPR, ISO and HIPAA. If security compliance is compromised, it could jeopardise key contracts you have with other businesses.

Another aspect worth considering is cyber security insurance. If you have insurance protecting your business against a security or data breach, be it a specific policy or part of your business insurance, you need to upgrade. If your operating system is no longer supported, it will likely render any cyber security policy you have null and void.


Future compatibility issuesare another factor that can’t be ignored. Other hardware and software vendors such as Adobe, AutoCAD, HP and Sage etc. generally only support their hardware/software when it’s running on a current platform. If your business relies on other products to function then you may start to encounter problems if you remain on Windows 7 after the cut-off date.

Windows 7 will, in effect, be frozen in time as of 14th January. This means that as operating system technology moves forward and changes, Windows 7 will be left behind.

Cybercriminals will target Windows 7 users

The general objective of cybercriminals is to exploit the weaknesses of others for their own gain. If you’re running an unsupported operating system, as Windows 7 will be as of 14th January, your IT infrastructure will be vulnerable.

As a result, we anticipate that cybercriminals will begin to specifically target the weaknesses that develop in Windows 7. Consequently, it’s even more important that you upgrade within the next three months.

How can Microtrading help?

Windows 10 represents a substantial progression in security, speed, search functionality and much more. We’ll assess your needs and identify how you can get the very most from your new operating system.

We offer a comprehensive service and can advise on your requirements, implement a transition from planning to completion, and support your infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

For more information on the upcoming changes to Microsoft support and how to upgrade to Windows 10, contact Microtrading IT support in Birmingham on 0121 784 0077 or click here to see how we can help.